Computer Engineer Job Responsibilities

Computer Engineer Responsibilities

The job of a Computer Software Engineer encompasses wide range of responsibilities like developing, creating and modifying general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. They analyze the requirements of the user for developing software solutions.

They are involved in customizing or designing software for the use of clients with intend of optimizing the operational efficiency. They design, develop, implement and test computer related software and hardware.


Computer Engineer Job Responsibilities


  • Full development of lifecycle application.
  • Design, code and debug applications in different software languages.
  • Code analysis, Software analysis, software review, requirement analysis, code metrics identification, analysis of system risk, analysis of software reliability.
  • Software modeling & simulation.
  • Object oriented Analysis & Design.
  • Quality assurance and Software Testing.
  • Performance tuning, balancing, improvement, automation, usability.
  • Support, sustain and document functionality of a software.
  • Integrating software with any existing systems.
  • Evaluate and identify upcoming technologies for implementation.
  • Project Planning & Project Management.
  • Maintaining standards.
  • Implement globalization or localization of software.
  • For correcting the errors they modify the existing software and then let it adapt to a new hardware.
  • Consult with the customers regarding the maintenance and design of the software system.
  • Determine performance standards of the system.
  • Specify requirements & configuration of power supply.


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