Computer Technician Job Responsibilities

A computer technician is a person who is hired by an IT company, computer centre or repairing centres for working on the technicalities of a computer system. This work may involve installing, repairing and upgrading of computer systems in offices or residential complexes. A computer technician is responsible for a lot of job related work. The following is a list of a few of the job responsibilities of a computer technician.

Computer Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • A computer technician is responsible for troubleshooting of computer systems and inspecting of the problems or complaints in a computer system or equipments.
  • A computer technician is responsible for fixing wiring related problems in computer systems or identifying the additional errors or problems in a computer.
  • A computer technician is responsible for conducting regular services for those computer systems which come under the warranty period.
  • A computer technician is responsible for visiting the homes or offices of customers and clients after a complaint is registered.
  • A computer technician is also required to replace old or worn out computer parts if the computers are within warranty period.
  • A pc technician is responsible for maintaining a log of the complaints solved each day in a book and submitting it to the computer centre at the end of the month for cross checking and confirmation of accounts and payments.
  • It is the responsibility of a pc technician to train new technicians which are hired by the computer repair centres at which the pc technician is employed.

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