Construction Superintendent Job Responsibilities

Construction Superintendent Responsibilities

A construction Superintendent is the person who plans and makes certain the functions of the construction site works. The responsibility of the construction Superintendent involves administration of the project keeping in mind the deadline, budget as well as quality.

He is the one who is responsible for the whole operation at the construction spot. The most tedious task is while considering both timing and scheduling factors.

Construction Superintendent Job Responsibilities


  • Ensures that the safety and health project plans are put into practice.
  • Oversee the whole construction process.
  • Ensures that the wages and purchases are within the budget.
  • Organize the workers to make certain that they are all performing well to satisfy the construction requirement.
  • Record the total expenditure for the resources bought and the payments given for workers.
  • Common inspection on the safety and performance of the workers.
  • Mediate with inspectors of the government on the customary requirements of the site with respect to its safety and licenses.
  • Track the construction process to make sure that it is completed on time.
  • Take charge of the subcontractors and see to it that they are punctual.
  • Ensure that the budget is maintained. At the same time quality is also preserved.
  • Records the progress of the project in association with the foreman.


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