Contractor Job Responsibilities

Contractor Responsibilities

A Contractor is employed by an entity to provide them labor and materials that are needed in the construction of a project.  He supervises and control expenditures of construction project within the stipulated conditions, under the supervision of an agreement that is legally obligatory.

They should satisfy the board with their license and experience. To prepare the account records mainly for subcontractors to ensure that their dues are received on time.

Contractor Job Responsibilities


  • Submit tenders to entities for a possible contract.
  • Interpret the plans of the clients so as to know the idea of construction.
  • Give suggestions to improve or correct the building plan.
  • Seek sanction from local authorities to get the construction work done.
  • Make a budget for the entire the materials required and source for them.
  • Recruit and hire skilled subcontractors who can assist in the process of construction.
  • Supervise the job done by craftsmen.
  • Monitor the quality of the progressing construction work.
  • Give advice and recommendations for the craftsmen according to the progress in work.
  • Liaise between the craftsmen and the entity on the problem of concern.
  • Ensure that the project gets completed within the estimated time.
  • Prepare account records for the subcontractors to make sure that they get their pay on time.

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