Copy Editor Job Responsibilities

Copy editor is the person who makes certain improvisations while publishing a book, magazine or a newspaper. Copy editor makes appropriate changes in the work of the author or a newspaper writer so that the work is in a form of a high standard reading material. One needs to have a really good command on the given language to be a copy editor. A degree in communication skills is helpful in getting a job in a good firm. One can also work as a freelance copy editor so as to maintain their own standard of salary. There are an enormous amount of responsibilities that are to be performed by a copy editor, given below is a list of those activities.

Copy Editor Job Responsibilities:

  • A copy editor makes important changes in the text so as to make it readable. These changes are related to grammar and spelling mistakes. He may further improvise the text by adding some material or editing some parts of the text.
  • A copy editor may also look into the illustrations given in the text and may form the design for the book cover.
  • Copy editor looks into the size of the pages and also decides which quality of page would be beneficial for a book or a magazine.
  • A copy editor may also look into the legal matters of the book which is to be published and contact different publishing houses when the book is ready.
  • Copy editor further raise questions regarding the text of the book with the author, so as to improve the quality of reading material of the book.
  • While editing the book a copy editor needs to make sure that it is completed on time so as to meet with the deadlines.
  • In certain cases a copy editor may advise the author as to what price must the book be sold to a publishing house.

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