Court Clerk Job Responsibilities

Court Clerk Responsibilities

The main responsibility of a court clerk is to maintain all the records and files inside the court. Their job majority totally depends on the type of the court. His responsibility is to transfer all the necessary files from one place to other as per requirements. He works as an assistant of the court judge and helps him to carry his files and other things. Court clerk has to perform his duty in an organized way

Court Clerk Job Responsibilities

  • Court clerk major responsibility is to perform all the clerical and secretarial duties like filling, attending all the court appointments and answers all the calls related with the court.
  • His major responsibility involves administers oaths to witness, grand jurors and jurors during their training session and any sort of hearings.
  • Protect all the records and data which were kept under his guidance and make sure that it will be protected from any sort of threat.
  • His responsibility is to record all the court proceedings, handle financial record and work as the custodian of the court seal and court records.
  • Collect fees on behalf of the payments or deposit made with the court. His responsibility is to handle all the court correspondences and coordinate all legal matters.

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