Custodian Job Responsibilities

Custodian Job Responsibilities include maintaining cleanliness of the place he is working at with the use of different cleaning equipments. He also needs to keep these equipments appropriately so that these may be used over and over again. There are various other tasks as well which these professionals are required to handle. One does not require undergoing any specific degree course in order to become a custodian.

However, in order to make these professionals understand as to how the work needs to be carried out their employers instruct them about the work and even provide them training to carry out various tasks.

Custodian Job Responsibilities

  • Custodian is required to follow the instructions given by the Custodian lead and carry out the tasks accordingly.
  • Custodian needs to clean the restrooms and even the washroom areas and ensure that these are properly sanitized.
  • Custodian is required to ensure proper hygienic environment in the restroom as well as the washrooms.
  • Custodian needs to work accordingly to the quality standards set by his employer.
  • Custodian needs to clean the dust from the furniture by wiping them appropriately.
  • Custodian is required to sweep the floor and mop it properly.
  • Custodian is required to make use of vacuum cleaners to clean the carpeted areas.
  • Custodian needs to ensure that the vacuum cleaner is kept properly and maintained regularly after performing the cleaning activity.
  • Custodian needs to empty the dustbins and wastebaskets, clean them and place them at the right place again.
  • Custodian may be required to replace the dustbins bags on a daily basis to ensure cleanliness.
  • Custodian need to clean the ash trays by removing the ashes and stains from them.
  • Custodian is required to check that the light bulbs and switches are working properly. They need to replace the bulbs if there is any problem.
  • Custodian is required to learn the use of any new maintenance tool or equipment that they are given to utilize.

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