Customer Service Associate Job Responsibilities

Customer Service Associate  Responsibilities

The job responsibility of a Customer Service Associate includes handle inbound calls coming from the clients of a particular organization so as to give information regarding their services and products.

The other major responsibilities are that they have to handle complaints, report requests to their higher officials for further backing or support and documenting the incidents. And provide follow ups to clients ensuring their issues are resolved well satisfactorily.

Customer Service Associate Job Responsibilities


  • Handle some administrative tasks such as form processing, evaluation and processing of transactions that are event driven and problem solving for a third party.
  • Handle document assessment for process management and data processing.
  • Converse with customers in person or on the telephone to give them extra information concerning the services and products.
  • Follow up with the customers or clients of some organization to ensure that their problems are satisfactorily resolved.
  • Prepare reports that provide the information in detail regarding unresolved matters, personal customer information, action taken and relevant notes or comments, if any.
  • Open and close of accounts, placing orders, collection of required information concerning issues or complaints that needs further attention.
  • Maintain records of the entire interactions and transactions made with the client.
  • Determine every possible reason behind each complaint of the client and make a decision with genuineness.

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