Customer Service Executive Job Responsibilities

Customer Service Executive Responsibilities

The major responsibility of Customer Service Executive is to maintain the customer satisfaction to the fullest. He is responsible for judging whether the customer is giving satisfactory results on the products or services being released by the company. His responsibility is to manage and direct the team members working under him. He is responsible for answering the questions being raised by the customers related to the products they are going to purchase.


Customer Service Executive Job Responsibilities

  1. He is responsible for the efficient dealing of complaints to completion and enabling satisfaction of customer.
  2. He is responsible for rendering useful administrative support to other members of the customer care team.
  3. His responsibility is to document all calls with regards to participant inquires accurately using Call Tracking System.
  4. He is responsible for monitor Call tracking for response from administrative team so that the call returns are done in a timely fashion.
  5. The main responsibility of Customer Service Executive is to Follow-up with participants within a 24-hour period in regards to the initial phone call even if it is to just touch base and let participant know that whether the inquiry is still be researched.
  6. His responsibility is to answer participant questions, as well as question participants to obtain full understanding of what information is being requested.

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