Dancer Job Responsibilities

Dancer Responsibilities

A dancer use their movement and their body language in order to portray the several characters, situation or an abstract concept in front of the audience and performs the various forms of classical, modern, or acrobatic dances, accompanied by the musical instruments.

A dancer’s role involves in providing education or therapy to the students, as well as performing and choreographing.


Dancer Job Responsibilities

- Training the students and attending auditions and casting sessions.

– Making preparations for various performances, by rehearsing and exercising.

– Giving performances in front of the live audiences and for television,  film and music video.

– Creating, discussing and interpreting choreography

– Learning and using other skills such as singing and acting for performing many roles in musical theatre and other functions.

– Taking care of the health and safety of the students, who comes for the dancing sessions.

– Teaching and giving proper training in dance, either in the private sector or in the public sector.

– Working for the promotion of the dance and its development, as well as encouraging and enabling people, especially children, to become involved in dance and to understand and appreciate it;

– Managing their own workshops in the community, and engages in various administrative, promotional and stage management work.

–  Acting as a liaison between the arts and dance organizations.


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