Data Entry Clerk Job Responsibilities

Data Entry Clerk Job Responsibilities start with maintaining the database in the organisation. The data entry role is all about updating the data into the data base by entering relevant and latest information which could be about the customers or the accounts. This profile demands a minimum high school degree along with some certification or experience in data entry work.

The candidate must have excellent writing or typing speed and they must be well versed with all the latest software and technology used in data entry. This job demands focused and dedicated work pattern along with maintaining the quality and accuracy of the data at all times.

Data Entry Clerk Job Responsibilities

  • Data entry clerks are responsible for entering and storing the data into the electronic data base available in the company.
  • They must have to sort and compile the information for entering the source data into the computer.
  • All the documents related to accounts and customer information are processed and reviewed by the data entry officer.
  • They also have to check the validity of data to avoid incomplete or incorrect data entry.
  • They must work according to the screen format and must follow the entry procedures as per the guidelines of the organisation.
  • They have to maintain the accuracy of the data and must ensure the follow up of the procedures.
  • All the data program techniques have to be followed by the data entry clerks.
  • They must keep updating the system by entering the new relevant data into the system.
  • All the data base backups should be completed and well maintained to secure the data from any kind of loss.
  • They must maintain the confidentiality of the data and at no cost they can share this crucial data with anyone else.

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