Data Processing Executive Job Responsibilities

Data Processing Executive Responsibilities

The main responsibility of Data processing executive is the conversion of data into correct form. Computer data processing is any process that uses a computer program to enter data and summarize, analyze or otherwise convert data into usable information. He is responsible for automating all the operations being used in data processing. The responsibility of Data-processing system is to manipulate raw data into information, and likewise information systems take raw data as input to produce information as output.

Data Processing Executive Job Responsibilities


  • The Data Processing Executive is responsible for the processing and coding of all information provided to clean, usable data for account management and/or clients. The department uses tools and software to meet these needs.
  • He is responsible for accurate data entry and coding; product data quality.
  • He is responsible for processing of all data (electronic and manual).
  • He is responsible for coding (categories and its features) of Information Technology Hardware, Office, Communications and related products.
  • His responsibility is to ensure full knowledge of all production processes as documented in the production manual.
  • His responsibility is to maintain positive working relationships and open communication with all colleagues, including the Account Managers, Retail department, and other departments in the Region.

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