Dental Hygienist Job Responsibilities

A dental hygienist is one who provides assistance to the dentist. Dental hygienist job responsibilities are numerous which includes updating dental information, providing details about dental procedures to the patients and helping patients by seating them comfortably on the dentist chair. A dental hygienist needs to obtain a degree from an accredited university apart from obtaining state license to be able to practice under a dentist.

Dental Hygienist Job Responsibilities

  • Promote oral hygiene by explaining the proper method of brushing, flossing etc to the patients to help prevent teeth and gum diseases.
  • Ensure to keep the entire dental instrument well sanitized and in an orderly manner beside the dental chair.
  • Perform dental cleaning, scaling and polishing to patients under the guidance of the dentist.
  • Take the x-rays of the teeth view as specified by the dentist and develop the x-ray film.
  • Take the impressions of teeth of patients as advised by the dentist and send to the teeth building unit for construction of teeth according to the impression.
  • Ensure to apply teeth paste, teeth cement and anti-bacterial paste to the teeth as directed by the dentist.
  • Helping the dentist in other screening and investigative procedures conducted on the patients as and when necessary.
  • Help patients with initial treatment for tooth decay and preparing for root canal procedure to be done by the dentist.
  • Keeping the dental instruments in a safe environment and obtaining replenishment for instruments that are damaged or not working.
  • Ensure to maintain the dental procedure room in a clean and hygienic manner before patient is taken inside for all dental procedures.
  • Keep the injection and dosage of anesthesia ready as per the specification of the dentist.
  • Maintain dental records of the patients by keeping track of all the procedures that have been completed and ones that need to be done.

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