Dialysis Technician Job Responsibilities

Dialysis technicians are people who work with patients whose kidneys don’t function properly or have stopped working completely. They are responsible for doing all the work related to the dialysis treatment both the clinical but mainly the technical part. They work with the hospitals nephrology department and assist the patients and doctors.

 Dialysis Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • The dialysis technician is responsible for setting, operating and monitoring the hemodialysis machine to give the treatment to the patients suffering from kidney failure.
  • They also attach the dialyzer and tubing to the main equipment and assemble it for use.
  • It is their duty to prepare the medicines and mix the dialysate as per the formula.
  • They are responsible to take the patient to the dialysis chamber and position them on the chair at the dialysis machine.
  • It is their job to take and document the readings of the patient’s weight, temperature, sugar, blood pressure, respiration rate and pulse rate before and after the dialysis.
  • They are expected to instruct and explain the patients regarding the process and procedure of the treatment and the operation of the machine before the treatment to relieve them from anxiety.
  • They are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene standards in the area of access of the patients to avoid infections.
  • It is their duty to connect the dialysis machine to the port in the patients arm or catheter to start the process of the blood circulation through the dialyzer.
  • The dialysis technician is responsible for inspecting and monitoring the equipment setting which includes conductivity, pressure and temperature to make certain the compliance to the safety and security standards.
  • They are responsible for monitoring the patients during the process of the dialysis and take care of all the technical and medical details.
  • It is their duty to maintain and repair the dialysis equipments and machine.

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