Difference between Job Description and Job Responsibilities

The purpose of writing job description as well as job responsibilities is to give an overview of a candidate’s profile. These are mentioned on a candidate’s resume, job applications and also on billboards on job site. The idea behind writing these at all these places is the same.

On the resume and job application the candidate needs to mention the job description giving the responsibilities handled by him to provide an idea about what all positions he has held and the kind of tasks he has handled at those positions. While on the job sites the job descriptions and responsibilities are given by the employers seeking a candidate to fill different positions in their company.

  • People often confuse job description with job responsibilities. It needs to be understood that there is a clear difference between the two. Job responsibilities include the tasks the candidate is assigned to handle. Under the job responsibilities header you are required to mention all the work that you have handled at various positions in different companies you have worked with.
  • On the other hand job description includes all the information related to your work experience. Job description includes the name of the companies you have worked with, your date of joining the organization and the relieving date, the designation at which you have worked with each of these organizations and also the job duties and responsibilities handled by you at these positions.
  • Job description is thus an overview of your entire career history and also includes the job responsibilities handled by you at different positions.
  • In short, writing the job description means that you are mentioning the job responsibilities as well. Job Responsibilities form an important part of the job description and it is essential to mention these appropriately so as to give an exact idea about what all you are required to handle.

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