Electrical Engineer Job Responsibilities

Electrical Engineer Responsibilities

The responsibility of an Electrical engineer is that they are mainly involved in designing, developing and maintaining broad range of electrical systems or components by focusing on safety, economy, reliability, sustainability and quality.

They are the one to design and manufacture many of the electrical equipments for sectors like manufacturing, transportation, building industry, production and distribution of electricity. They primarily design, employ and enhance electrical products for any purposes.

Electrical Engineer Job Responsibilities

  • Involved in a project from the concept and detail of the design to implementation, testing and handover
  • Involved in maintenance programs.
  • Identify requirements of the customer.
  • Design products and systems.
  • Read technical drawings and design specifications.
  • Research appropriate solutions and estimate timescales and costs.
  • Make prototypes and models of products.
  • Work to European, British and other standards.
  • Liaise with other design team members.
  • Liaise with contractors and clients.
  • Attend on site meetings.
  • Design and conduct tests.
  • Design, analyze and interpret test data.
  • Propose modifications and retest products.
  • Qualify the final system or product.
  • Service and maintain equipment.
  • Prepare product documentation, give presentations and writing reports.
  • To monitor a product that is in market so as to improve its future design.


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