Elementary School Teacher Job Responsibilities

Elementary School Teacher Responsibilities

Elementary School teacher job involves a lot of fun whose responsibility is to work with the kids of age group 5-10 years and prepare them for primary schools. Their responsibilities involve lots of challenges also because elementary education provides intellectual and social growth for children and make them thriving at the path of their education in future.

They are adaptable to certain teaching methods for meting needs of students of varying interests.

Elementary School Teacher Job Responsibilities


  • Set up and enforce regulations for manners and procedures so as to maintain order among the students.
  • Monitor and evaluate the behavior, physical health, performance and social development of students.
  • Prepare classrooms and materials essential for the activities to do in class.
  • Adapt suitable instructional materials and teaching methods to meet the varying interests and needs of the students.
  • Give instructions to the students using different teaching methods like discussions, lectures and demonstrations.
  • Read out the books loudly to the whole class.
  • Prepare and conduct grade tests to evaluate the progress of students.
  • Discuss with parents, other teachers, administrators or counselors to solve academic or behavioral problems of the students.
  • Implement administration policies and regulations that govern the students.
  • Make use of equipments like audiovisual aids, computers and other resources to complement presentations.

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