Endodontist Job Responsibilities

Endodontist Job Responsibilities include examining the patient’s teeth and figuring out the dental problem they are going through. Endodontist may work in hospitals or clinics or might work in their own clinic.

Endodontist Job Responsibilities

  • Endodontists need to examine the patient’s dental problems and suggest them treatment based on it.
  • Endodontists are required to carry out the dental treatment of the patient.
  • Endodontists conduct treatments for pulp, nerve and other dental problems related to tissues.
  • Endodontists perform medical tests to examine the condition of the patient’s teeth, gums and tissues in order to find out the problem he/ she is going through.
  • Endodontists conduct the routine check up of patient’s dental health and provide tips on maintaining it.
  • Endodontists conduct z-rays and other dental tests to find out the dental problem
  • Endodontists make use of various dental instruments to perform different dental treatments.
  • Endodontists plan the dental treatment of the patients and discuss the same with them.
  • Endodontists need to treat pulp capping by removing the pulp.
  • Endodontists conduct root canal treatment by utilizing the dental instruments.
  • Endodontists need to remove the pathologic tissue by conducting dental surgery.
  • Endodontists are required to fix the teeth that have been broken or cracked due to certain accident.
  • Endodontists need to bleach the teeth that have lost their original colour due to some reason. By doing so, the original colour of the teeth is regained.
  • Endodontists need to stay updated with the latest in this field.

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