Energy Manager Job Responsibilities

Energy Manager Responsibilities

The following article enumerates the various responsibilities of an Energy Manager in an organisation. The primary objective of an Energy Manager is to analyze current usage and then generate a detailed plan for cost effective as well as environment friendly methods of power consumption.

The main objective of the Energy manager is to provide detailed plan for effective power consumption enabling the organisation to reduce the cost.

Energy Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Should have knowledge of the district/county’s   energy consumption laws and must aid the organisation in conforming to them.
  • Should be able to develop, co-ordinate and implement policies with respect to energy consumption, carbon-dioxide emissions, reduction of energy consumptions etc.
  • Should be responsible for conducting site inspections and energy surveys rigorously.
  • Must update pre-existing plans and policies conforming to the local energy laws.
  • Must maintain and monitor records of data and should generate reports based on this data.
  • Must use data and reports to formulate future plans and policies for the organisation.
  • Must be able to train and instruct employees of the organisation on energy conservation.
  • Mainly dependable for analyzing the latest usage & developing the energy-management plan of a district for offering proper ecological conditions with the cost-effective energy usage.

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