Engraver Job Responsibilities

Engraving is referred to a practice or method of making an art or design on a hard surface by using sharp and pointed tools. Some hard surfaces which are generally engraved are glass, marble, silver, gold, steel etc. Engraved art is considered quite precious and thus engravers are valued all across the globe. An engraver must be a creative person who has knowledge of the tools and other equipments which are required for this work and should also be knowledgeable about the various types and kinds of engravings. The following are some of the major job responsibilities of an engraver working for an art company or other industry where engravers are required:

Engraver Job Responsibilities

  • An engraver’s first and foremost job responsibility is to perform delicate cutting related tasks so as to produce a design, an image or an art on a piece of a hard surface.
  • It is the job responsibility of an engraver to work with hand tools and magnifying glasses to bring precision into work.
  • Another job responsibility of an engraver is to confer with artists and discuss with them the nature of the engraving which is sought or desired.
  • It is the job responsibility of an engraver to create elegant jewellery pieces and art pieces by bringing in creativity into the job.
  • Another job responsibility of an engraver is to acquire knowledge about different and new engraving methods and try engravings on different types of surfaces etc.
  • An engraver must also first create a design or art on a paper and then try to replicate it on the surface of engraving.
  • He/she must also use modern day laser technology and other forms of technology to engrave surfaces and bring out new designs.
  • He/she might also be required to buy tools, surfaces and other equipments.

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