Estate Agent job Responsibilities

Estate Agent Responsibilities

The responsibility of Estate Agent is to deal with the work of auctioning and business properties. His responsibility is to collect all the details regarding the sales and markets. He must be aware with the current price of market and its surrounding areas. The responsibility of Estate agents is to handle and guides the surveyors, solicitors and building societies during transaction.

Estate Agent Job Responsibilities

–          The responsibility of Residential Estate Agent is to deal with the selling and purchasing of houses, apartments, land etc. at the best possible prices.

–          A Rural Estate Agent is the one, who deals with all the property and rural business related problems and features.

–          He is responsible for estimating the overall demand and the value of the property in the market.

–          An Estate Agent must talk to the person’s who deal with the selling and purchasing of property in order to know their special features and values.

–          His responsibility is to make both seller and buyer aware with all the terms and conditions related to the dealing of property. Both the parties must accept these conditions.

–          The price set, must be agreed by both of the parties in order to make effective dealing.

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