ETL Developer Job Responsibilities

An ETL developer needs to design, build, test and maintain databases. In fact the word ETL itself means to extract, transfer and load. An ETL developer is an important part of the development team who tests, designs and debugs the entire database system before it is implemented.

ETL Developer job responsibilities are discussed below in detail.

ETL Developer Job Responsibilities

  • The ETL Developer has to interact with the ETL Lead, Solution Architect, and other Database Team Members to understand business requirements and provide expert knowledge by ensuring delivery of business needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • ETL Developer needs to conduct analysis and is also involved in designing, programming and testing for presentation.
  • ETL Developer has to assist in developing project plans and assign appropriate technical resources and cost estimation.
  • ETL Developer responsibilities include data collection, data staging, data movement, data quality and archiving strategies.
  • ETL Developer has to provide end-user support including business queries and requests.
  • ETL Developer has to be vigilant round-the-clock to provide post-implementation support. He needs to respond quickly in such cases and provide long-term solution.
  • ETL Developer has to work with all the end users He needs to provide training, troubleshoot and upgrade the system as the need arises.
  • ETL Developer provides reviews of the deliverables and identifies gaps and areas of improvement.
  • ETL Developer plans and conducts ETL Unit and development tests. He monitors results and takes corrective action when necessary.
  • ETL Developer designs automation processes to control data access transformation and movement and ensures source system data availability.
  • ETL Developer has to fulfil and design the development for logical data models as well as physical data models.
  • ETL Developer needs to adhere to the organizational norms while working on different projects.


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