Event Coordinator Job Responsibilities

Event Coordinators are appointed by event management companies, by a firm or an organization, or by individuals in order organize an event. They generally coordinate events such as weddings, corporate parties, seminars; conferences, social or promotional events etc. Event coordinators generally need to work as a part of team and thus should be excellent team players. They should have the ability to perform a wide range of duties for which they need to have excellent communication skills, great leadership quality, good time management skills; they should also be very well organized with very high sense of professionalism. Most importantly, they should have the ability to manage a group of people who work under them. Below given are some of the major job responsibilities which an event coordinator needs to perform.

Event Coordinator Job Responsibilities

  • An Event Coordinator needs to prepare a budget according to the type of event.
  • They need to prepare proposals and prepare presentations and layouts for the clients understanding.
  • They are responsible for deciding the location and booking a suitable venue for the event.
  • Responsible for making all important bookings and orders.
  • They are responsible for supervising and managing the staff to be present in the venue.
  • They need to coordinate with the suppliers, designers, caterers, decorators etc.
  • They are responsible for arranging sponsorships, if required for the event.
  • EventĀ  Coordinators need to ensure safety at the venue of the event.
  • They are responsible for the preparation and distribution of marketing materials such as tickets/passes. Posters, billboards, leaflets, invitation cards etc.
  • They are responsible for preparing a guest list and communicating with chief guests, special invitees at any event.
  • They need to keep a track of expenses and need to keep a clear record.
  • Preparing of bills and invoices.

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