Fashion Buyer Job Responsibilities

Fashion Buyer Responsibilities

Main responsibility of fashion buyer is to purchase the fashionable clothes in bulk and put up for sale in retail outlet. He is responsible for managing all designs and categories of various products in their retail showroom. Fashion buyer is responsible for providing latest fashion to their customers.

Fashion Buyer Job Responsibilities

  • He is responsible to keep track on daily selling percentage graph of particular clothes so that he can analyze next trend of fashionable clothes in market.
  • Fashion buyer is responsible for providing delivery of orders on desired time.
  • Fashion buyer is responsible for having knowledge about past trend and present fashion through which he can analyze upcoming trend. After having this information he can easily decide his target area.
  • He is responsible for establishing strong communication with client and managing all those fashion accessories which are requirements of client.
  • Fashion buyer is responsible for attending all seminars, meeting with fashion designers, fashion shows, TV fashion shows and read all publications on fashion so that all fashion must be in his mind before shopping of clothes.
  • Fashion buyer is responsible for attracting customer to his retail showroom and fulfills customer’s need with full satisfaction.

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