Fashion Coordinator Job Responsibilities

Fashion Coordinator Responsibilities

A Fashion Coordinator is responsible for maintaining a systematic and well structured atmosphere by working amicably with others. Fashion Coordinators should be conscious of trade journals, trend, fabric and textile updates and even merchandising.

They are responsible to coordinate, manage and promote tasks relating to fashion and supervise the entire department of fashion design. They work towards devising efficient kind of fashion designs to foster latest fashion concepts.

Fashion Coordinator Job Responsibilities

  • They have to bring in fresh ideas and formulate innovative and original design plans.
  • They are responsible for organizing marketing and advertising activities to promote fashion house.
  • They should update themselves with the latest trends in fashion industry by attending many fashion shows.
  • They should go through and follow any fashion publications such as magazines, browse through fashion websites in order to understand and research fashion trends.
  • They should visit the chief manufactures and retail markets regularly so as to get details and information regarding new styles.
  • They should meet and interact with the designers.
  • They should coordinate with designers, salespeople and manufactures.
  • They have to purchase accessories and clothes that are required for the promotional marketing.
  • They sometimes organize for fashion shows, photo shoots and many other events.
  • They need to co-ordinate marketing and advertising activities properly.


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