Fashion Director Job Responsibilities

Fashion Director Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a fashion director are almost related to that of a fashion coordinator. They are supposed to interact with the editor of the magazine, models and the photographer.

Then manipulate on what could be the best for a project or a shoot. They must frequently follow the industry publications & meet designers for understanding the new industry trends.

Fashion Director Job Responsibilities

  • They are supposed to work together with a photographer to ensure whether his effort is able to convey the fashion ideas of the magazine or not.
  • They are supposed to create an integrated or fused look across the entire fashion segment of a shop, fashion house or a fashion magazine.
  • To understand and identify what the recent trends in the fashion industry are, they have to follow the industry publications regularly and meet the other designers all over the globe.
  • After recognizing the latest trends, they have to find out means to implement and popularize them.
  • They are supposed to share their perspectives and analyze them with retail sale folks.
  • They advise buyers indirectly to make inventory purchase.
  • They create concept for a photo shoot, decide suitable models for that shoot, and choose the photographer, location and clothing.


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