Fashion Merchandiser Job Responsibilities

Fashion Merchandiser Responsibilities

A Fashion Merchandiser has the responsibility to design and create visually attractive displays or exhibits of merchandise and to erect main store decorations in commercial retail establishments. They create the look, feel and mood of the store.

They attract the attention of consumer and finally make them purchase the merchandise. They analyze sales tracks and trends for success of the store promotions.

Fashion Merchandiser Job Responsibilities

  • Plan and design commercial merchandise displays, make use of space, colour, products, lighting and accessories to decorate the interiors and windows of the retail shops.
  • Create the ambiance of a store for the pleasant experience of a customer.
  • Sketch the design ideas on computer or by hand.
  • Find and create props that could be used in displays.
  • Arrange for lighting.
  • Arrange table displays.
  • Dress mannequins.
  • Create and hang decorations.
  • Design and create signs.
  • Work with marketing and management to make sure that the displays are matching with the marketing and image of the store.
  • Consult with sales and advertising.
  • Order merchandise.
  • Stock departments and displays with inventory.
  • Price and tag products.
  • Work with retail management to implement and establish financial objectives.
  • Monitor customer feedback.
  • Analyze sales trends to assess their effectiveness.


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