Financial Analyst Job Responsibilities

Financial Analyst Responsibilities

The main job responsibility of a financial analyst is evaluating and analyzing the financial situation of his or her organization. By analyzing the financial conditions of the company, he would be responsible for preparing recommendations or suggestions regarding company investments, managing finance and spending the funds of the organization in an effective way.

They perform financial analysis so that internal and external clients are benefitted.

Financial Analyst Job Responsibilities

  • Assess the situations of commodities, bonds, stocks and various other investment options suitable for the company.
  • Analyze the sales, commodity prices, tax rates, expenses, costs so that the organization’s value can be determined by projecting the future earnings of the organization
  • Often meet with the company officials for gaining proper information on the management and investment prospects of the company
  • The financial analysts who are ‘buy side analysts’ devise investment methods for firms such as insurance companies, hedge funds, mutual funds, non-profit organizations and non-dependent money managers with high endowments.
  • Focus on the latest developments that can affect an industry
  • Understanding and properly dealing with economic and political impacts on investments.
  • Determine limiting possible volatility and potential losses by using currency features, diversification, short selling and derivatives.
  • They evaluate & compare the quality of several securities in the given industry.

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