Financial Auditor Job Responsibilities

A financial auditor is one who undertakes financial audit in an organization. The candidate is expected to exercise internal controls which effectively help the organization in protecting the vital financial elements and is part of financial auditor job responsibilities. The candidate should have good analytical and math skills apart from possessing good verbal communication skills and maintaining integrity of important financial information in the organization. Various financial auditor job responsibilities are mentioned below:

Financial Auditor Job Responsibilities

  • Undertakes financial audit according to the goals assigned by the management at frequent intervals.
  • Provide detailed summary of the process followed for financial audit that includes scope of the audit and its outcome as well.
  • Assess the financial risks that the organization is exposed to and ensure compliance of all core financial parameters without fail.
  • Prepare financial reports of assets and liabilities of the company and provide necessary reports to the management when asked for.
  • Provide accurate documentation for the entire financial audit undertaken from time to time in an organized memo which includes both manual and in the electronic mode.
  • Provide suggestions to the management for making necessary changes with regard to the key financial parameters after risk assessment in order to improve overall functioning of finance department.
  • Ensure all internal controls to be functional according to the finance policy available in the organization.
  • Provides summary of financial data in graphical and statistical formats which helps organization understand the extent of deviation or improvement.
  • Ensure to keep all the financial information and data of the organization strictly confidential by handling all the crucial information with high levels of honesty and integrity.
  • Assist external auditors during annual audit by providing all essential financial information and reports in a timely manner.
  • Development of annual financial audit for the organization which includes overall risk assessment, fraud control and recommended solutions for the same.

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