Fire Fighter Job Responsibilities

A Fire Fighter’s primary responsibility is to protect the community from disasters, accidents and emergencies. They are responsible for promoting public safety by taking all measures to prevent fire disasters. They have a very crucial role in the society as they deal in matters related to protection of life and property. Fire fighters are frequently required to perform rescue and emergency operations.

They also need to perform inspection at various places in order to prevent a potential fire disaster. Fire Fighters need to undergo rigorous training under the supervision of experienced fire fighters. Fire fighters need to have physical and mental strength, courage and self-discipline. Here is a list of few important job responsibilities which a fire fighter needs to perform.

Fire Fighter Job Responsibilities

  • Fire fighters should always be alert and respond to calls immediately.
  • Fire fighters always need to be well equipped at any situation.
  • They need to always be available to attend emergency situations.
  • They need to carry out rescue operations.
  • They are responsible planning and effective resource management.
  • They are required to work under tremendous pressure.
  • They should be able to manage and operate equipment and apparatus required in fire fighting operations.
  • They are responsible for advising and creating awareness in public about various safety measures and ways to prevent fire.
  • They need to provide immediate medical help or first aid to the patients till the professional medical help is available to them.
  • They need to assist victims and their family members.
  • They need to frequently participate in training activities.
  • They need to carry out inspection at various places to rule out any possibility of disaster.
  • They need to keep the equipment in orderly conditions and carry out minor repair work as and when necessary.
  • Making visits to local organizations, schools and colleges to provide basic training and advice.

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