Fish Farm Manager Job Responsibilities

A fish farm manager is responsible for the management and supervision of the fish farm and its everyday operations. Fish farm manager job responsibilities vary according to the size of the farm, employees and range of species involved. The common tasks of a fish farm manager is to maintain inventory and equipments, maintaining fish health, monitoring fish quality and dealing with customer services. For this job, it is necessary for an individual to hold a post-graduate degree in aquaculture from an accredited institution.

Fish Farm Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Managing the entire scope and range of aquaculture, from hatchery management to the distribution of products.
  • Supervising the fish breeding for both sport and food.
  • Ensuring that the environmental conditions in and around the hatchery is met with and proper feeding of the species takes place.
  • Ensuring that the fishes are free from diseases.
  • Supervising staff training.
  • Ensuring proper work standard is maintained and arranging for all the necessary work equipments for workers to face weather changes since most of the work is outside.
  • Ability to speak in languages other than English because it is a requirement to communicate with the local and regional fish vendors.
  • Work with a team of individuals with flexibility and also ensure production requirements are met with.
  • Taking time constraints very seriously because in this particular job, the finished products are perishable.
  • Supervising the day to day running of the farm in the form of book keeping, organizing sales and marketing.
  • Checking the working conditions of existing work equipments and ordering new stock, materials and equipments.
  • Having sufficient marketing knowledge and accounting skills to ensure that there is no financial setback due to flaws in fish rearing.
  • Having good organizational skills to distribute work to employees and maintaining timetables.
  • Being physically fit to adapt to the everyday manual work in the farm.

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