Forensic Anthropologist Job Responsibilities

Forensic anthropologist is a trained personnel holding a license as an expert in the analysis of bones.   They deal with the study of human remains and apply their expertise to bring about unknown facts about the deceased to the knowledge of the law enforcement agencies with whom they are working. It is required to have a Ph.D. degree in physical anthropology to become a forensic anthropologist.

Forensic anthropologist job responsibilities

  • The forensic anthropologist is responsible for examination and analysis of the bones and skeleton.
  • The forensic anthropologist foremost duty is to make out whether the bone being examined is of an animal or a human being.
  • They are required to ascertain the height of the deceased which is done by studying the femur bone.
  • The forensic anthropologist helps in determining the gender of a person by analyzing the hip and skull bones.
  • They are also responsible to tell about the age of the person and stage of body growth with the help of the study of teethes.
  • It is the duty of the forensic anthropologist to find about the reason for death, time of death, kind of weapon used if any, any traces of illegal or toxic substance present in and around the dead body.
  • They are required to present a well detailed and true report to the concerned authority which helps in further investigation if required.
  • The duty of a forensic anthropologist is to use methodological sampling techniques to ensure  exactitude, comprehensiveness, accuracy, precision and representativeness in their reports
  • The anthropologist is expected to maintain a proper record of its finding with suitable evidences for future references.
  • It is their duty to create and use text based management database systems to support the investigation of the actual raw data and observations.
  • Their one of the main responsibility is to comply with the standards and norms of the authority or organization which they form a part off.

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