Forensic Nursing Job Responsibilities

Forensic science refers to the application of the science (where forensic nursing refers specifically to the medical sciences) to determine the answers to the various questions which arise in the course of a legal action or investigation. The forensic nurses are the individuals employed to assist forensic doctors. The nature of forensics is extremely sensitive and critical irrespective of whether the reason behind the analysis/ investigation is criminal or civil. There are a varied number of responsibilities that the position of forensic nursing involves, for convenience a few samples of forensic nursing job responsibilities are being provided below.

Sample Forensic Nursing Job Responsibilities

  • A forensic nurse is responsible for collecting various medical evidences from the scene of the happening so that the collected information can be used in the legal proceedings.
  • The forensic nurses are responsible for accessing the physical and psychological status of the victims.
  • A forensic nurse is also responsible for collecting evidence from the body of the victim or victims.
  • A forensic nurse is responsible for making sense out of all the evidence collected and forging a link to the ongoing investigation.
  • The job of forensic nursing includes the responsibility for taking proper care of the victims to a certain crime.
  • A part of the forensic nursing responsibilities is to provide testimonies in the court of law as and when required, in areas relating to traumas, death investigations, or even a few special conditions etc.
  • Forensic nursing includes another critical responsibility which is huge in itself; it is that of creating awareness and spreading education so as to avoid any future activities of violence, abuse, accidents and criminal activities.
  • Forensic nursing is a liaison between medical science and law; hence the individuals employed as forensic nurses are responsible for serving to both the parties.

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