Forestry Technician Job Responsibilities

Forests are a very important part of the environment and in today’s world where there is growing depletion of natural resources, it is important to preserve the existing resources. It is thus really important to preserve forests all around the globe. This task of preserving the forests and natural habitats of various animals is performed by a number of individuals including the forestry technicians.

Forestry Technician Job Responsibilities

  • The forestry technician is responsible for collection of all the data and information related to the area of land that he/ she is assigned.
  • The forestry technician is also responsible for making various estimations related to the respective forest area such as the number of trees that can be harvested, types of trees in the forest, etc.
  • The forestry technicians are responsible for helping in assessing the current status of the flora and fauna of the respective forest. The technician is also responsible for helping in the recreational activities once the assessment has been done.
  • The forestry technician is responsible for fire suppression in case of a fire break out in the forest. He/ she is responsible for assisting the other forest officials in preventing the forests in such situations.
  • The forestry technician is responsible for analyzing and designing the roads through the forests wherever and whenever required.
  • The forest technician is also responsible for formulation and implementation of laws and regulations which are essential for the management and maintenance of the forests.
  • A forestry technician works with his senior staff and overall looks after the forest.

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