Front Desk Clerk Job Responsibilities

Front Desk Clerk Job Responsibilities entails numerous tasks like attending all the incoming phone calls, making appointments, handling all the reception customers and clients, greeting and handling the guests, managing customer queries and assisting them with their inquiries. This role also includes sorting out the mails and sending them to the respective employees and passing on the phone calls to the concerned authorities. All the meeting schedules are maintained by this profile and thus the front desk clerk is quite a challenging job profile. They may have to handle multiple tasks at one time without missing on anything.

Front Desk Clerk Job Responsibilities

  • Front Desk Clerk must handle all the phone calls with utmost politeness and patience along with operating a switchboard for the calls.
  • All the calls should be routed to specific people without intermingling them.
  • All the customer enquiries and other queries are handled by the front desk clerk and this profile creates a very first impression about any organisation.
  • All the guests and visitors must be offered a warm welcome and the front desk professional must ensure that customers and guests are comfortable.
  • They must fix the appointments and meetings along with deciding the meeting rooms for the visitors.
  • The reception area is maintained by them and they are also responsible for coordinating all the office activities and mail flow.
  • All the employee applications are distributed and handed over by the front desk clerks and they manage the travel arrangements for the guests and clients as well.
  • Appointments are arranged by them and sometime they also manage cash counters.
  • They update the appointment calendars and keep travel vouchers ready for the concern people.
  • All the meetings are scheduled by the front desk clerk and at times they may also have to make travel arrangements for executives and other office staff members.

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