Greens Keeper Job Responsibilities

Greens Keeper Responsibilities

The responsibility to manage a country club or golf programs are given to greens keeper. He is responsible to give proper nourishment to green grass, fertilization and water. Greens keeper is responsible for protecting your field from attack of insecticides by providing different type of chemical product and medicines. He is responsible for arranging golf matches or tournament as per the lawn health.

Greens Keeper Job Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for maintaining wonderful health of sod by some following activities like cutting of grass at fix time interval, giving appropriate amount of fertilization, required watering.
  • He is responsible for managing modern developed equipments and machines used for nourishing green grass of lawn or field.
  • Greens keeper is responsible to remove died grass of field and responsible for managing that grass to store in warehouses so that the productive fertilizers can be prepared easily.
  • His responsibility is to prepare record in understandable format in which time and expenses on equipments are specified.
  • He is also responsible for managing budget allowed from government and try for saving.
  • Greens keeper is responsible for organizing selection programs, in which he can check efficiency of employees who will work under greens keeper guidance.

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