Grocery Clerk Job Responsibilities

Grocery Clerk Job Responsibilities encompasses the maintenance of the grocery section in stores. The role of this job ensures the stock management for the ease and comfort of the customers. This job demands maintaining the product displays, storage of the stocks, stock management, rotation and quality management of all the grocery products and receiving of the stocks from the supplier. Grocery Clerk job requires the absolute know how about the products and their location in the grocery.

The job duties also ensure the customer support and helping customers in locating the items inside the store. Grocery clerk needs to be a multi-tasker and the role of a cashier could also be played by the grocery clerk in times of emergencies.

Grocery Clerk Job Responsibilities

  • Grocery Clerk must be able to manage and support in all the operations inside the grocery store.
  • The job duties of a grocery clerk are keeping the stock at place, rotation of the grocery products and inventory management.
  • Grocery Clerk should provide assistance in loading and unloading of the goods that arrive at the stores at assigned times.
  • Prepare indent and invoice for the goods that need to be replenished at the stores once in a week.
  • Undertake stock checking and make a list of all the items that are expired are or due to expire and coordinate with supplier for replacement.
  • Prepare the stocks that arrive at the stores for coding and sticker billing on each product according the product category.
  • Maintain the warehouse where the stocks are kept in a clean and hygienic manner and away from pests and damage.
  • Provide guidance and directions to the customers looking for specific products.
  • Ensure to keep all the shopping carts and billing machines in order at all times during customer hours at the stores.

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