Haematologist Job Responsibilities

Haematologist Job Responsibilities revolves around the testing of blood and its management. This job is a highly specialised career in which one will have to deal with all the diseases associated with blood and various blood tests are also performed by the haematologists. All the blood based irregularities are diagnosed and analysed by the haematologists and they must be very vigilant, experienced and alert about their work. The shape, size and number of blood cells are analysed by the haematologists for understanding the exact trouble with blood cells.

This job also involves lot of research work and a thorough understanding about various blood diseases and their variations. The accuracy in diagnosing the disease is also very critical for the correct medicine prescription.

Haematologist Job Responsibilities

  • Haematologist job responsibility involves diagnosis and analysis of illnesses and abnormalities.
  • The candidate is also required to provide initial care of the patients when advised by the doctor.
  • The candidate is responsible for testing the blood samples with the help of computer aided and manual methods to obtain accurate results.
  • Some blood disorders are associated with vascular systems, bone marrow, blood cells and some general disorders associated with blood troubles. All these are required to be investigated by the haematologist and provide report accordingly.
  • Patients suffering from anaemia till sickle cell disease are required to be tested for suitability and matching of blood for transfusion by the haematologist.
  • The upkeep and maintenance of the blood test equipment is the responsibility of the haematologist.
  • All the needles and instruments used for testing must be properly sterilized and disposed in separate bins by the haematologist at all times.
  • Keeping proper record of the patients who come for blood test by billing in a serial manner accurately is also another responsibility that a haematologist must fulfill.

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