Head Baker Job Responsibilities

Head Baker Responsibilities

Head bakers are employed in the food industry. He maintains exceptional customer service, promotes sales, and supervises the sales and cleaning staff along with the other departments. Cleanliness is one of the major parts of running a bakery. Utmost care has to be taken to prepare food items since they have will lead to problems such as contamination, for which the head baker is ultimately responsible. Bakery’s appearance is very important that’s why he checks out all the baked goods and displays them in an eye-catching manner. He must have charged over quality control, product rotation, and stocking product age dated.

Head Baker Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for good customer service and quality products.
  • Monitors if the bakery meets health department compliance’s.
  • Trains the sales staff and dishwashers.
  • Takes charge of complaints and refunds incurred in the business
  • In-charge of the cash register and all matters of security
  • Procures materials needed for  baking or making products
  • Maybe in charge of decorating, pastry’s, baking, donut making and so on.
  • Produce good and healthy baked foods at all times.
  • Ensure food safety at all times while in the process of baking.
  • Ensure completeness of ingredients in baking process.
  • Proper training of its team for better services to be done at all times.

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