Head Nurse Job Responsibilities

Head Nurse Responsibilities

Head nurse is the personnel who supervise a variety of tasks rendered by the nursing staff in his department. Being the head, his primary responsibilities involve detailing of duties to the nursing staff, preparing work schedules and providing ample training to those nurses under his supervision since people’s lives are into at risk if mistakes will arise especially in the medications given to patients. He thoroughly evaluated nursing staff’s performance particularly on his team as part of the job assessment.  He makes sure that nursing records are accurately maintained including those face sheets of patients being monitored in every shift change.

Head Nurse Job Responsibilities

  • Takes down notes of any instructions given by the doctors for those patients that need treatment and care adjustments during round visits to them.
  • Supervises in the acquisition of medical supplies and equipment needed for patient care.
  • Makes sure that records of the amounts and types of medications given to individual patients are properly monitored to be able to know if they are recovering and relays report to the physician with regard to the conditions of every patient.
  • Checks cleanliness of general hospital ward areas and patients’ rooms and checks if these areas are conducive to the health of the patients.
  • Helps in preparing training materials and introduces techniques for nurses to avoid failures in performing tasks assigned.
  • Assigns and schedules activities of the nursing staff in his section.

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