Head Pharmacist Job Responsibilities

Head Pharmacist Responsibilities

Head Pharmacist often works in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. The head pharmacist being at the top level is responsible for Budget Control in addition to the responsibilities of the Staff Pharmacist.  Pharmacist has a separate division in any hospitals since its function and its role is one of the critical one that needs to be taken care of through proper monitoring and strictly compliance in accordance to the law abiding Health prescriptions at all times for safety of its users at all times.

Head Pharmacist Job Responsibilities

  • Coordinates activities with other department on all operation issues.
  • Orients the medical and nursing team on all drugs related issues
  • Convenes drug committee, minute the discussions and implement the recommendations
  • Manage rejected claims, conducts gross margin analysis and generates reports for management
  • Participates in clinic committee and staff meetings
  • Checks the validity each drug’s being distributed and sold and verifies dates of manufacturing and expiration.
  • Assists customers or patients on medications to buy, whether it’s generic or branded.
  • Does other basic tasks of pharmacist if needed.
  • Ensure availability of all pharmaceutical needs in order to attend all the necessity of their patients.

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