Histology Technician Job Responsibilities

Histology, as we know, is the study of tissues, and hence a histology technician is one who is responsible for jobs that are related with the collection and analysis of body tissues for varied purposes such as laboratory work, treatments based on pathological test results, research work, etc.

A histology technician can be employed at some clinic or hospital, or at various pathology centers and laboratories, under the guidance of doctors or laboratory research experts. The job responsibilities of a histology technician are quite a lot in number, revolving around the basic task of gathering and assessment of tissues from body parts.

Histology Technician Job Responsibilities:

  • A histology technician employed at some pathology center is generally responsible for the collection and preparation of samples of body tissues, as may be required for some specific purpose.
  • A histology technician is responsible for having a thorough knowledge of all the required education to conduct the job efficiently. The technician must be thoroughly practiced in the procedural section of study.
  • It is a major responsibility of the histology technician to be extremely well-equipped with the tools and techniques involved in the particular job. He/she must be well-versed with all the technicalities involved in the job.
  • A histology technician is also responsible for ensuring that the required instruments are all in the perfect state of operation and be able to detect malfunctions, if any.
  • A histology technician needs to prepare a variety of chemical solutions for collection of tissues samples, stains. Hence it is his responsibility to perform the task with maximum efficiency in a way that renders the best quality of services. Quality control is thus an important responsibility of the technician.
  • A histology technician is responsible for following the exact guidelines specified for collection and research of histology sections.
  • A histology technician also has to report to superiors and hence it is his/her responsibility to observe the tissue samples and sections carefully and document them correctly and in a presentable manner.

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