Home Health Aide Job Responsibilities

Home health aide is employed when someone needs health care/ assistance or supportive care in the home. The candidates working at this post are generally the professionals who are licensed to provide such medical care needs. The basic purpose of such aide is to ensure that the activities of the daily living are met by/ for the respective patient. The home health services may be required for senior citizens, individuals recovering at home after a hospital stay etc. Some of the major Home health aide job responsibilities are mentioned below:

Home Health Aide Job Responsibilities

  • The basic or the primary responsibility of a health care aide is to provide healthcare in someone‚Äôs residence, the aide may be permanent or work either in day or night.
  • The health aide is required to carry on the daily or regular home management tasks like housekeeping, checking/ keeping laundry, running daily errands like grocery shopping etc.
  • It is the responsibility of the home health aide to develop proper diet charts for the respective individual, as per his/ her condition and the instructions of the medical practitioners.
  • The home health aide besides preparing the food charts is also required to provide assistance in feeding as required by the patient in care.
  • Few of the functions which fall under the responsibilities of the home health aide include assisting the respective patient in bathing, dressing and grooming.
  • Also included in the responsibilities of the home health aide is the task of assisting the patient (if required) with toileting i.e. with the use of the bedpan or the commode or toilet.
  • One of the most important and a critical part of the job of home health aide is to keep track of the medication to be given to the patient. The aide has to ensure all the medication is given in time.
  • The aide is also required to measure and record the vitals of the patients; and also collect specimens from time to time.

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