Hospital Director Job Responsibilities

Hospital Director Responsibilities

Hospital Directors are individuals whose main responsibility is to administer the different divisions of the hospital. Similar to a manager, he introduces, controls and at the same time follows the  existing rules and policies governing the hospital  in order to attain its main objective and that is to provide and to assure a quality healthcare services to patients Hospital director has a broad range of responsibility because every unit of the hospital and related medical facilities are to be watched over for his will be the one accountable for whatever problems that will occur on the day- to-day hospital’s operation.

Hospital Director Job Responsibilities

  • Helps in the recruitment, selection and hiring of competent and skilled hospital staff.
  • Reports to the highest authority about the events in the hospital whether favorable or unfavorable.
  • Coordinates and works with the department heads about setting of salary range, benefits, incentives, leaves and insurances where each employee is entitled for.
  • Keeps and update himself about employee’s record for him to be able to assess individual’s performance, skills and work attitudes and thinks what kind of motivation to use to improve individual’s work.
  • Ensures that latest medical facilities are added and the working environment is conducive and safe.
  • Bridges gaps between heads and his subordinates thus creating a favorable and good working environment
  • Conducts evaluations to assess employees’ performance and prepares reports to be used for retention of productive employees and for giving necessary actions for those employees whose performance are undesirable.

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