Hospital Pharmacist Job Responsibilities

A hospital pharmacist is a job position in the hospital’s pharmacy. Pharmacist are people with expertise knowledge in the field of medicines and are responsible for many important works like purchasing, manufacturing and checking the quality of the medicines used in the hospital. Pharmacist works very close to the medical and nursing staff to make sure that patients receive the most excellent treatment. They also give advice to patients regarding all aspects of their medicines.

Hospital pharmacist job responsibilities

  • The hospital pharmacist should check the prescriptions to make sure that there are no mistakes and they are safe and apt for the concerned patients and reaches them on time.
  • It is the duty of the pharmacist to give their advice on the dosage of the drugs and the most suitable form of giving medication for example injection, tablet, inhaler and ointment.
  • They are responsible for making sure that the medicines are securely and appropriately stored.
  • It is their duty to manage and supervise the work performed by the staff with less experience and qualifications.
  • It is the responsibility of the hospital pharmacist to answer to the quarries about the drugs to the hospital or the general public who ever questions.
  • The pharmacist is required to be updated with the latest innovations and inventions in the field of medicines and contribute to research and development within the hospital.
  • The pharmacist is responsible for writing the instructions for the use of drugs and executing and implementing hospital regulations.
  • They are required to provide full and correct information about the hospital expenditure on drugs and prepare annual budget.
  • It is the responsibility of the pharmacist to conduct and supervise clinical trials, examine and evaluate the newly launched medications in terms of quality and recommend the doctors about the genuine and effective new drugs.
  • It is their duty to inform the patients about the dose and effect of the medicines prescribed.
  • The hospital pharmacist is responsible for monitoring and evaluating every stage in the chain of medical therapy to improve all the aspects of reporting side effects to the patients.

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