How to Write Job Responsibilitie

It is essential to know how the job responsibilities should be written at different places including the resume, job application, job portal, etc. The way the job responsibilities should be defined at each of these places is different from the other.

Job responsibilities form a vital part in a resume and thus these should be mentioned very carefully on it. The way you write the job responsibilities on your resume determines to a large extent whether you would be short listed for the interview or not.

  • Before you start writing about your job responsibilities on the resume it is very important to demarcate the chief job responsibilities assigned to you at different positions held by you during your professional career from the additional job responsibilities that you undertook.
  • Your chief job responsibilities should be written clearly giving proper details about what all you are accountable for where as the additional job responsibilities may be written in short just to give an overview of the additional tasks handled by you.
  • Writing job responsibilities on a job application is different from writing these on the resume. On a job application you need to mainly mention those job responsibilities that are related to the job you are applying for.
  • In order to do this efficiently, you need to first read about the job you are applying for and understand the recruiter’s expectations from you. After understanding about the responsibilities you would be expected to undertake at the position you are applying for you need to jot down the similar responsibilities you have handled at your current position or the previous positions you have held.
  • Now you are required to highlight the related job responsibilities properly. The other responsibilities that are not so relevant to the position you are applying for can be mentioned in short.

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