How to write Job Responsibilities in Resume

A resume is prepared to give an overview of a candidate’s work experience, educational qualification, personal and professional interests. It should provide a clear understanding of the candidate’s capabilities and help the recruiters decide whether it is worth meeting and interviewing a candidate for a particular position or would it be just a waste of time for both the parties. Thus a candidate should be very particular while preparing the resume.

  • A resume should include a candidate’s personal details such as his name, contact number, date of birth, etc, his educational qualification which includes the subject he specializes in and the university from where he has pursued his degree course. The professional experience of a candidate forms a vital part of the resume.
  • This portion of the resume includes the names of the organizations he has worked with and the designations he has held at these organizations. It also includes the major job responsibilities undertaken by the candidates at different positions held by them. Job responsibilities are actually the most important part under the professional experience header in the resume.
  • One must understand as how to write the job responsibilities appropriately so as to give a clear understanding about the tasks he has been accountable for at his current as well as previous organizations.
  • In the resume, a candidate must mention the different job responsibilities handled by him against the different job titles he held at various organizations he was employed at. Emphasize should be given on the key job responsibilities undertaken by the candidates at different positions. At each position, most employees are asked to handle certain additional responsibilities as well.
  • For instance the main job responsibility of a senior engineer is to handle various technical engineering tasks of the company and the additional responsibility given to him may be assisting the junior engineers in carrying out their tasks. Such additional job responsibilities may be mentioned in short in the resume.

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