HR Assistant Job Responsibilities

HR Assistant Responsibilities

The HR Assistant performs the day to day functions and operations of an organization and carries out the various responsibilities such as maintaining the employee relations, providing the training and developmental programs.

An HR Assistant is also responsible for the recruitment and selection, maintaining the database and personnel files and providing worker’s compensation and safety. They provide administrative support like arranging meetings, reports & forms and preparing correspondence.

HR Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • Explaining about the company personnel policies, benefits and procedures to the employees.
  • Verifying the documentation of the staffing, recruitment, training, grievances and performance management.
  • Maintaining the records of an employee including the details about the addresses, weekly earnings, absences, and so on.
  • Gathering information from other departments and employees.
  • Arranging the various training and development programs.
  • Searching employee files for obtaining the information about the authorized persons and organizations.
  • Ensures about the employee safety, security, welfare, wellness and health.
  • Providing company committee facilitation and participation.
  • Administering the duties of the appraisal and salary review process.
  • Updating the staff handbook and updating the personnel records.
  • Providing response to the general HR enquiries verbally and written.
  • Maintaining the routine correspondence and assisting the managers with the research and other important projects.
  • They offer help in monitoring the employee performance process.

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