HR Training Manager Job Responsibilities

HR training manager is the person who formulates the plan of training and development that is to be conducted in a human resource department of the company. HR training manager supervises various training programs that are to be conducted in the company and sees that it runs smoothly. A person who wants to work as HR training manager must have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. Further specialization in HR department is often recommended.

HR training manager must be good in communication and management of employees since he or she has to ensure that the training programs are running without any problem. Various job responsibilities performed by an HR training manager are as follows.

HR Training Manager Job Responsibilities:

  • It’s the responsibility of an HR training manager to allocate different trainers to a set of employees in order to give training and instructions.
  • HR training manager is required to plan the training programs in form of presentations or documents and then pass it on to the trainers for its execution.
  • HR training manager needs to make sure that a correct and appropriate technique is used by the trainers to give training to the employees and if required the trainer should change the mode of teaching.
  • HR training manager is required to solve any problem occurring in the execution of the training sessions.
  • Further an HR training manager decides the budget of the training programs and aims to restrict everything within the budget.
  • An HR training manager may also decide the salaries of the different trainers giving the training.
  • HR training manger may also require communicating directly to the employees regarding their career goals and future ambitions.
  • HR training manager is responsible for the evaluation of employees and has to give various testing procedures which make sure that a competent workforce is being introduced in the company.

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