Human Resource Manager Job Responsibilities

Human Resource Manager Responsibilities

The human resource manager is one of the personnel that supports and oversees the performance of every employee. His is primarily concerned with the growth and development of people toward higher level of competency, creativity and fulfillment because people are the central and essential resource in any organization and in any society. The manager helps the management in the formulation of personnel programs, policies and procedures to be approved by the top management and administers them. He explains and interprets these policies to the employees, thus bridging a better communication as well.

Human Resource Manager Job Responsibilities

  • Selects and hires best employees that are necessary to the needs of the Company in order to provide an adequate and qualified labor force.
  • Training and re-training of the employees to keep them updated and contribute to the development of work performance and skills.
  • Assists line management in personnel appraisal to be able to evaluate and improves employee’s performance, moreover in handling problems of discipline, complaints and grievances.
  • Undertakes or shares operational responsibility for inter-departmental programs in personnel areas where coordination can be achieved by some degrees of centralized administration.
  • These areas include: recruitment, promotion, discipline, absenteeism, transfer and termination of an employee.

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